De-energized tap changer 090-04.07.365 Box 10 Pcs


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DETC tap-changer 3phases bridge connect. 36kV (BIL170kV)-65A-5pos. L=70

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De-energized tap changer with bridge connection, for distribution transformers: designed to be suitable in mineral oil, according to IEC 60296 standard, the product can be applied both indoor and outdoor at a temperature between -25 °C and +105 °C when the transformer is working.
Compact design, maximum efficiency: only 5 components to be assembled and a total length of just 530 mm gain a result that combines limited dimensions with easy installation and high performance. Excellent value-price is guaranteed thanks to the strict selection of best-quality materials and the high level of technology applied during the entire production process: self-centering brass movable contacts, copper fixed contacts with high conductivity, padlockable nylon knob, stainless steel inox shaft - this tap changer is extremely precise and reliable in every moment.
Quality and safety according to the international regulations: the product is 100% made in Italy and is produced according to il IEC 60214 standards. The management system of C.A.P.T. is also certified by UNI ISO 9001:2008 standard: a PDF copy of the quality certification can be downloaded from

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