The Company

About us

C.A.P.T. S.r.l. is an Italian company that manufactures de-energized tap changer for oil transformers: as a market-leader in the field of distibution and power, the company offers efficient and highly customizable solutions. Established in 1972 as a family-owned business, C.A.P.T. has become a member of Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen group in 2013 and supplies nowadays more than 60 countries worldwide.

Small details make the difference

From the choice of the raw materials to the specific design for each component, no detail is casual: every aspect is essential to make our products highly functional, easy to be installed but extremely resistant. Try it to believe it.



Technology + organization = efficiency

Four well-connected plants and a high-technology production chain: CAPT is structured to fulfill the needs of the market nowadays and covers a manufacturing area of 5000 sqm in Trissino (Vicenza), where the complete range of tap changers is produced.